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Lit Up!

Release Date - 06/07/2011
Radio promo to launch in conjunction with the release and will service
600 commercial and non-commercial radio stations. 

The phrase "highly anticipated" can carry some dangerous baggage with it; there's a huge potential for a letdown, and on the overall, precious few albums live up to the moniker. Thankfully, Lit Up from Victor Wainwright and the WildRoots not only meets those expectations but exceeds them....


Beale Street to the Bayou

Wainwrights album bigger than Dallas’
Victor Wainwright is a big man with a great big voice. A product of Savannah, Ga., this is his first LP. The Wildroots are a piano, drums and guitar quartet. Notable influence comes from bassist Stephen “Cat Daddy” Dees who wrote or collaborated on most of the album's 13 original tracks, along with being the producer, arranger and engineer. The title says what's going down. You're about to hear an American musical odyssey from Memphis to New Orleans....


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